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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Creole Seasoning.

Fresh made, right in my kitchen.

Creole seasoning is the sweet sister to Cajun seasoning. They both have their roots in Louisiana's best recipes, but unlike the raw spiciness of Cajun seasoning, Creole also adds a multitude of herbs that give it a multidimensional flavor. I love to use it in my dirty rice and jambalaya. It also keeps  for several months in an airtight container.

(Now, while this recipe works, I replaced most of the cayenne with chipotle and Old Bay. Some in my home can't do all the heat.)

You'll need:
10 tbsp. paprika
  4 tbsp. onion powder
  4 tbsp. garlic powder
  4 tbsp. dried basil
  4 tbsp. dried oregano
  4 tbsp. sea salt
  1 tbsp. dried thyme
  1 tbsp. dried crushed rosemary ( I use a mortar and pestle)
  2 tsp.   black pepper
  2 tsp.   white pepper
  1 tsp.   cayenne pepper
          -- OR --
  1 tsp.   chipotle powder
  1 tsp.   Old Bay Seasoning
1 dash   cayenne pepper (adjust to taste)

Put all the ingredients into a bowl and whisk  until completely mixed. Use right away or store until that ol' Creole hunger comes a'knockin'!

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